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             公司在寧夏平羅設有生產基地,有兩條炭化生產線和三臺活化爐,年產柱狀活性炭及活性焦一萬五千余噸。山西大同設有壓塊破碎狀活性炭生產基地。有兩條炭化生產線和4臺活化爐,年產壓塊破碎炭及原煤破碎炭一萬七千余噸。除常規的水處理,污水廠處理,空氣處理之外,還生產各種活性炭催化劑,因產品質量穩定,價格合理,深受長江流域及珠江三角洲客戶親睞! 我公司與諸多活性炭生產廠家、科研院所,保持良好合作關系。品種較全、技術較新,集生產、銷售于一體的活性炭專業銷售公司。擁有科研技術人員十七人,部分科研人員參與活性炭標準的制定?,F正為活性焦國際標準的制定做準備工作。公司視質量為生命,設有專門的檢測機構,確保生產工藝可靠,產品質量穩定。深圳凈森源竭誠為您服務!

             Shenzhen Jingsenyuan Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, mainly engaged in general business projects: purchase and sale of silicon carbide, graphene, activated carbon, activated coke, recarburizers, carbonization materials, sewage treatment materials, and air pollution control materials; purified water , Air purification and other environmental protection projects, technical development and sales of mechanical equipment and accessories; environmental quality testing and project evaluation; wholesale and sales of gas masks, medical safety series products, and industrial protective equipment; import and export business; domestic trade; Import and export of goods and technology; activated carbon regeneration. The licensed business items are: the production and sales of silicon carbide, graphene, and activated carbon packages, and technology research and development; the wholesale and retail of second and third categories of medical equipment; the research and development and sales of masks and disinfectants.

             The company has a production base in Pingluo, Ningxia, with two carbonization production lines and three activation furnaces, with an annual output of more than 15,000 tons of columnar activated carbon and activated coke. Shanxi Datong has a production base for briquette and crushed activated carbon. There are two carbonization production lines and four activation furnaces, with an annual output of more than 17,000 tons of briquette crushed charcoal and raw coal crushed charcoal. In addition to conventional water treatment, sewage treatment, and air treatment, it also produces a variety of activated carbon catalysts. Because of the stable quality and reasonable price, they are favored by customers in the Yangtze River Basin and the Pearl River Delta! Our company maintains good cooperative relations with many activated carbon manufacturers and research institutes. A professional sales company of activated carbon with complete varieties and newer technology, integrating production and sales. There are 17 scientific and technical personnel, some of whom participate in the formulation of national standards for activated carbon. Preparatory work is being made for the formulation of international standards for activated coke. The company regards quality as its life, and has a special testing organization to ensure reliable production technology and stable product quality. Shenzhen Jingsenyuan will serve you wholeheartedly!